Power of Inner Strength

 “At any given moment, you have the power to say, ‘This is not how my story is going to end.’” Author Unknown.

The power of inner strength.  I stole that from the band Grip, Inc. album of the same name.  My book has been for sale for 2 months, and it feels great.  Funny to say that.  Writing a book was cathartic.  The opportunity, an expensive one, to get things off my chest.  Spew the bullshit off your brain.  I could go on and on, but I think you will get the idea.  Why keep things inside?  That is a great question.  Why do we keep things inside?  Are you afraid to open and talk about your feelings?  Do you lack someone to talk to, such as a Therapist?  Pastor, priest, someone from church?  Do you feel that you can’t talk to anyone as no one can relate to your issues?  Lack of support groups?  All valid questions.  It can be a daunting task, trying to find comfort.      

 I dealt with most on my own.  Finding ways to avoid talking.  Back in my early 20’s, I would let all of my issues build up inside of me.  All throughout the day.  Once I arrived at the gym, everything changed.  I took out those frustrations lifting weights.  And for my efforts, I built a decent body, proud to post a photo in my book.  Music helped get me ready to go driving there.  Playing the heaviest of songs, most with strong lyrics.  That was my therapy.  It still holds true today, minus the heavy lifting.  But it wasn’t enough to deal with my issues once I was diagnosed with both APS and Lupus.  My life was all over the place.  I couldn’t think straight, brain fog, etc.  Worried all the time.  I underestimated how tough it was to accept my diagnoses.  After a few years, I did seek help.  She wanted me to set boundaries.  Methods to keep toxic people at arms-length or simply away.  Letting go of the shame for mistakes I can never fix.  I can’t go back in time to change them.  Most importantly, she said that I truly need to believe in myself that I can be a better man.  I need to open and let my feelings be heard.  Only took four years to do it. 

 Here I am.  August of 2021 and feel like a new man.  I’m creative once again, something I have always been.  As I have a couple of podcast interviews today, it’s giving me a chance to sit down, relax and reflect upon everything I’ve accomplished in life.  And what areas/things I wish to accomplish in the future.  And regardless of my blog traffic, I’m going to continue writing as it makes me feel good.  I’ve had a few people who reached out to me, and it felt wonderful.  It is an incredible feeling to be useful outside of my house.


Cool news for this week:  First, my Website has been completed (www.deceivedfromwithin.com)!!  Awesome.  I encourage you to visit and search the website.  Second, I have four podcast interviews this week.  Four!!  Three are new ones and another as a return guest.  A Chronic Illness Podcast found me and ask to be a guest!!  How cool is that?  It’s refreshing after researching, sending emails/messages to various podcasts, one found me.  Too cool.  Hard work or in this case, researching, does pay off.  Third, I will be setting up a ‘booth,’ an open-air canopy for the Marshall Farmers Market where I live.  Hopefully to sell books.  I have ideas but I need to get them down on paper including something eye catching on a poster board.  I said earlier that I want to be creative again.  The booth will be a big test.  Got to prove it!!


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