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Dream big as dreams are free.

Dream big!  Dreams are free, they cost nothing!  A couple of quotes I’ve seen and heard from famous athletes/actors, etc.  It’s the truth.  As I write this, the Summer Olympics is taking place.  Athletes around the World, all with the same goal.  Finishing first, the coveted Gold Metal.  Regardless, if it is a team sport or individual, first place is the goal.  The same can be said throughout all sports.  No one aims to be average.  You want to be the best.  Prove to others that you have what it takes to succeed.  The power of inner strength.  Everyone dreams to be the best.  No excuses, give it 100%.  Have something to show for your hard work.  Most people don’t reach their goals.   Like athletes, most never make it to the playoffs.   Play a sport for 15# years and never came close to the ultimate prize, a championship.   Unexplainable issues get in the way.   Injuries.   Poor teammates.   Possibly, you’re not giving it 100% due to a lack of focus.   Maybe you are listening to other

I'm not lazy, I'm Disabled (Part Two)

  I read the following posts on social media this past week:   “Stop paying people not to work.”   “Definition of insanity.   Paying people not to work.   And taxing the ones who do.”   “You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days you feel good.”   I often wonder at times if their posts include those who are Disabled.   Part of me thinks there is some truth behind it.   What I can tell people who think this way, I do pay State Taxes on what I earn.   And I did pay taxes during the 21 years when I was employed before my illnesses kicked into full gear.   That should count for something.   To help cover my medications, Doctor bills, etc., I have a Supplemental Insurance company.   Costs me $100 per month, give or take.   Without them, I could not pay for all my medications.   I siphoned my expensive medications throughout 2012-2014 as I could not afford them to take them as directed.   $350/month.   Not a smart thing to do but was necessary.   There were bills

I'm not lazy, I'm disabled (Part One)

It's the July 5th and I am sure a lot of people took in yesterday's festivities.  Outside enjoying the weather.  Getting together with family and friends.  Grilling food, drinking refreshments, staying up late to take in the fireworks.  Having fun.  Forgetting about life for a while.   Me, I spent most of yesterday laying down.  Why?  I was tired, fatigued.  I shouldn't have been tired as I slept great the night before. Why do I feel like this?  I was outside the afternoon before.  It was warm but I stayed in the shade.  There was a great breeze.  I was having fun.  We were celebrating my Great Nephews 2nd Birthday!  We were hosted to a feast of a meal!  OMG.  To say the food was 'good' would be insulting.  Chicken.  Jambalaya with huge portions of crab, shrimp, crawfish, and spicy meatballs/sausages.  I think the only carbs I ate was the birthday cake.  And the sugar from drinking a couple of sodas.  No alcohol for me as I have been sober for 14 years, a decision m