Tired, fatigued & sleepy.

 Now that I have my fill of coffee and the time to tweak a few things, I can finish this week’s blog.  I keep everything on Microsoft Word.  This way I can add things throughout the week, when ideas occur, etc.  Much like how I wrote my book (Subliminal messaging!!).  I have always believed in the quote, “You let it sit and you’ll forget.”  As an extra bonus, I can avoid retyping all the websites at the bottom of the blog.  Time saver.  

According to my Fitbit, I slept 8hrs. 26mins.  4mins.shy of my goal.  Awesome.  Yet, I’m tired this morning.  I don’t know why other than fatigue.  Maybe I over did things this weekend.  But this weekend was a blast.  Tons of full, something in my life that doesn’t happen often.  Plus, I needed this after a rough week.  The weather couldn’t have been better!  I had a family reunion from my Mother’s side of the family.  Always a great time.  The after party at my brother’s house.  Overate on foods that I normally don’t eat.  Got a chance to visit my parent’s graves.  My first time since me and my siblings lowered their ashes into the ground (Oct. 18th, 2020).  First time I have been anywhere close to the area. 

I woke up yesterday tired.  I tried my best to gather all the energy I could muster.  Drinking large amounts of caffeine helped for a few hours.  Had a great time with my wife and kids.  In Wisconsin Dells (An hour drive), we played mini golf (I Won !!), went out to eat at a great and reasonable priced restaurant, 2-1/2-hour boat ride on the Upper Dells Boat tour, and finally home.  I slept most of the way home.  Self-inflicted?  Probably.  

Wisconsin weather over the past two weeks has been rough.  With Lupus, high Heat Indexes, hot & humid temperatures, with an UV Index of 8-9 (Very High), is bothersome to manage.  I barely left home as I didn’t want to go anywhere.  If I did, it was to the bank, gas station and/or the Post Office to mail out a signature copy of my book (Subliminal messaging!!).  Other than that, nothing.  Must stay within my boundaries, the limitations I set for myself.  Ignoring my limitations is not an option unless I want a pounding headache, sore joints, and sleep the rest of the day. 

Why can’t the cool/cold affect Lupus in of high temperatures?  During late Fall, Winter.  That’s when I want to stay inside.  I have never been an outdoorsman.  I’m not a hunter or fisherman.  Staying inside is a great reason to watch football.  Explain to others, “Can’t do much since it’s cold.  Maybe an hour or so, then it’s time to get inside.”  I think it would be refreshing to replace the hot temperatures, humidity, and high UV Indexes with cool/cold temperatures.  Maybe I’m kidding myself.  Hey, it’s ok to dream (Read last week’s blog).

Cool news for this week:  I will be interviewed for The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness Podcast.  I pray that I’m better, not as nervous than the last Podcast I was on (Cure Chronic).  Fortunately, I will get a second chance next week with her and her podcast.      

My computer is slow.  Must be a sign to finish.  Until next week, “Hang Tough.”    


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  1. I am with you and completely understand how you feel about WI weather. I live in WI as well and the humidity kills me. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia among other things. But its all good. I try to stay positive the best I can. Its true that if we over do it, we pay for it. Thank you for your posts.

  2. It is difficult for some people to understand that you actually have a health problem when you look like you could move mountains. However, in truth, a nap is needed before one attempts to do so. I have just been diagnosed with "bone cancer", a rare type called multi myeloma, only 500 cases in the U.S.. I have just received a diagnosis that after chemo it is not in remission and the a "tougher" type of chemo is necessary. That, and anemia and a fall recently broke my back. Few know, they see me and I look healthy! I am a writer, therefore I am busy from my seat in the wheelchair. I advocate mental health, and my son Chuck Murphree is also a writer, he teaches school, speaks of mental health as well. I have met Laurie in PT, she is a wonderful individual. I will order your book today, I am certain that I will enjoy its content which will give me a new understanding on mental health. I also look forward to your podcast. I apologize for the lengthy comment. Have a great week. EAJM

    1. Thank you Elizabeth for kind of words and opening up to me. Reading just a small portion you wrote is inspiring to me. Even through the worst of times, you find ways to overcome or able to "tune" them out through writing. I have lifted weights/resistant training for nearly 2/3 of my life. It has always been my way of letting go from the stress/challenges you face.

      My wife Laurie is a great and I am lucky to have her. She is twice as strong as I am and her strength inspires me. I don't know how she does it. A lesser woman would have left me years ago. She mentioned your son to me and I would like to get in touch with him.

      Lastly, I hope your back heals properly. Continue to fight the good fight. And thank you for ordering my book. It feels liberating to get the my thoughts and feelings off my chest after keeping so much inside of me. Thank you.


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