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Cheated and Deceived

 I feel cheated.  Big surprise.  But the last 10 hours, I slept horrible, have a headache with joint pain and my coffee pot as coffee grounds all over the place.  I found that part of the filter folded down allowing coffee grounds to float around, dripping into the coffee pot.  On the bright side, I clean my coffee maker once a month.  Usually on the 1st of every month.  So, I'm cleaning a few days earlier than expected. Not all was lost.  I'm grateful that I felt great this weekend.  Saturday, we had both a graduation party that was close by and my great-niece's birthday that was not so close by.  West Allis/Milwaukee to be exact.  A total of 2-1/2 hours of driving.  Yesterday, we had another graduation party to attend.  Great time for all three parties.  But I could feel something was not quite right last night.  Around 6pm, give or take.  I could feel a bit of nausea and brain fog kicking in.  Whether this had something to do with my poor nights sleep is unknown.  Oh wel

How To Find My Book

My Book can be found at the following stores' website: Amazon:   Deceived from Within: Living with APS and Lupus: Radke, Darren: 9781663222930: AmazonSmile: Books iUniverse:   Deceived from Within By Darren Radke ( Barnes and Noble: Deceived from Within: Living with Aps and Lupus by Darren Radke, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (


 As a newbie to the World of Blogging, please bare with me.  I'm on my second cup of coffee and I still feel groggy.  My thought process is all out of sorts.  But since this is my first post, I figure I have nothing to lose.  Why not get the show on the road? I have both APS and Lupus, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus to be exact.  I was diagnosed with both in late Summer/early Fall of 2012.  Long before the diagnosis, I had three blood clots (Two in April of 2000), three seizures (one is open to interpretation), MS-like symptoms, dizziness, and plenty of nausea.  Didn't get the proper diagnosis throughout those years in between. The only specialist I was seeing was a Neurologist.  A true asshole and an embarrassment to those in the medical field.  My six month appointments went like clockwork.  His eyes constantly in the computer, reading my notes.  As if he had no idea who I was.  Eventually, he would ask one question concerning any seizures.  If you presented him with new or old