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Welcome to my Nightmare: Health Insurance Issues

  “This is a damn good outlet to spew the bullshit off my brain!” Stone Cold Steve Austin WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE: HEALTH INSURANCE ISSUES   I hate dealing with health insurance companies.   They’re nothing but a big pain in the ass.   The proverbial thorn in my side.   I wrote two weeks ago concerning my hospital stay (Read the last blog post: “Last Week’s Hospital Stay”) .   Hours after releasing my blog for the week, I received a letter from my health insurance company.   Informing me that they denied my admission into the hospital.   The hospital I was transferred to.   Why?   The reasons were mind boggling.   All centered around something I haven’t had for over a decade: pneumonia.     I must have spent a total of ten hours last week on the phone and online.   Reasons why I didn’t post a blog as I was too consumed with this shit.   My phone call to the insurance company revealed that my hospitalization is considered observation.   Sounds like Medicare gouging to me.   If you

Last Week's Hospital Stay

  “This is a damn good outlet to spew the bullshit off my brain!” Stone Cold Steve Austin Throughout the week, I will add bits and pieces to my Microsoft Word Blog page.  An effective tool that I like to use for every week’s blog.  Once Monday comes around, all I need is to ‘Copy’ what I have written and ‘Paste’ the words on my new blog’s page.  Piece of cake.  The way this week has transpired, I am behind.  Hell, it is 9:50pm on Friday night and I cannot sleep.  Instead of sitting in bed, tossing, and turning, I might as well make myself useful.  Catch up on my blog.  With hope people will read it this week.   In the ER/Hospital for 58 hours last week.  Woke up Monday night at 11:15pm with massive upper chest pain.  A ten on the pain scale.  On two other occasions did I admit the pain was a ten.  God damn, did that hurt.  Came downstairs to take a baby aspirin to help dull the pain.  Nothing.  Woke my wife up and asked her to take me to the Emergency Room at UW Hospital on the Eas

Power of Inner Strength

  “At any given moment, you have the power to say, ‘This is not how my story is going to end.’” Author Unknown. The power of inner strength.  I stole that from the band Grip, Inc. album of the same name.  My book has been for sale for 2 months, and it feels great.  Funny to say that.  Writing a book was cathartic.  The opportunity, an expensive one, to get things off my chest.  Spew the bullshit off your brain.  I could go on and on, but I think you will get the idea.  Why keep things inside?  That is a great question.  Why do we keep things inside?  Are you afraid to open and talk about your feelings?  Do you lack someone to talk to, such as a Therapist?  Pastor, priest, someone from church?  Do you feel that you can’t talk to anyone as no one can relate to your issues?  Lack of support groups?  All valid questions.  It can be a daunting task, trying to find comfort.         I dealt with most on my own.  Finding ways to avoid talking.  Back in my early 20’s, I would let all of my

Tired, fatigued & sleepy.

  Now that I have my fill of coffee and the time to tweak a few things, I can finish this week’s blog.  I keep everything on Microsoft Word.  This way I can add things throughout the week, when ideas occur, etc.  Much like how I wrote my book (Subliminal messaging!!).  I have always believed in the quote, “You let it sit and you’ll forget.”  As an extra bonus, I can avoid retyping all the websites at the bottom of the blog.  Time saver.   According to my Fitbit, I slept 8hrs. 26mins.   4mins.shy of my goal.   Awesome.   Yet, I’m tired this morning.   I don’t know why other than fatigue.   Maybe I over did things this weekend.   But this weekend was a blast.   Tons of full, something in my life that doesn’t happen often.   Plus, I needed this after a rough week.   The weather couldn’t have been better!   I had a family reunion from my Mother’s side of the family.   Always a great time.   The after party at my brother’s house.   Overate on foods that I normally don’t eat.   Got a chanc