I'm not lazy, I'm Disabled (Part Two)


I read the following posts on social media this past week:

 “Stop paying people not to work.”

 “Definition of insanity.  Paying people not to work.  And taxing the ones who do.”

 “You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days you feel good.”

 I often wonder at times if their posts include those who are Disabled.  Part of me thinks there is some truth behind it.  What I can tell people who think this way, I do pay State Taxes on what I earn.  And I did pay taxes during the 21 years when I was employed before my illnesses kicked into full gear.  That should count for something.

 To help cover my medications, Doctor bills, etc., I have a Supplemental Insurance company.  Costs me $100 per month, give or take.  Without them, I could not pay for all my medications.  I siphoned my expensive medications throughout 2012-2014 as I could not afford them to take them as directed.  $350/month.  Not a smart thing to do but was necessary.  There were bills to pay.  We had to find how to cut all unnecessary spending.  I was not getting paid at the time not to work.   

 “You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days you feel good.”  Couldn’t that apply to everyone?  I suppose this sentence happens to be too broad to breakdown.

 See how easy it is to post something without regard, placing blame on those who do not work and collect money for it.  I can honestly say that I wish I could work.  Out of boredom and thinking I was about to lose my Disability benefits (read my book), I know on average what I could make as a Manager with a minimum of 5-years’ experience in Logistics (Shipping & Receiving).  The salary goes up if the company is looking for someone that has an Associates Degree (Me !!!!).  Working as a Supply Chain Manager would be the cherry on the top.  Nearly $100,000 per year.  But that would mean driving more into the heart of Milwaukee. 

 But my health holds me back.  Driving five days a week poses a risk.  Especially if I must drive more than 30# plus miles one-way.  My prior job was 20# miles.  At times between 2008-2011, I would have dizzy spells and/or partial eye blockages.  The only way to alleviate the issue was to place a hand over one eye.  And I was usually driving on the Interstate and highway heavily traveled. 

 Fatigue from working more than 8# hours a day (Please note – Managers are “encouraged” to stay late to make sure things are in order).  The fatigue has cause me to react slower as I still drive today.  But I only drive a few times a week, usually across town (10# minutes or less round trip).   It only takes a split second where your thoughts drift, inattentive driving, to cause an accident. 

 During March through May of 2020, we were on lookdown due to Covid.  The public was told not to go out unless it was necessary.  This has been my life the past 10 years.  I only drive when necessary.  I stay home unless I have a good reason to drive.  Keeps my Doctors happy.  Hell, I’m lucky I still have a license.  My drivers license can be taken away if my Neurologist find that I am a threat to be driving.  No more driving for 6# months. 


Ten long years of boredom.  At least I finally used the time to write a book.  It took three years, but I get to see the fruits of my labor having my book in hand.  Now a blog.  I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy writing a blog.  But “It’s a great way to spew the bullshit off my brain.”  To wrap this blog up, if people think I’m lazy, there isn’t much I can do about it.  Unless they ask.  Then I will talk about how much “fun” I am having.    

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