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Throughout the week, I will add bits and pieces to my Microsoft Word Blog page.  An effective tool that I like to use for every week’s blog.  Once Monday comes around, all I need is to ‘Copy’ what I have written and ‘Paste’ the words on my new blog’s page.  Piece of cake.  The way this week has transpired, I am behind.  Hell, it is 9:50pm on Friday night and I cannot sleep.  Instead of sitting in bed, tossing, and turning, I might as well make myself useful.  Catch up on my blog.  With hope people will read it this week.

 In the ER/Hospital for 58 hours last week.  Woke up Monday night at 11:15pm with massive upper chest pain.  A ten on the pain scale.  On two other occasions did I admit the pain was a ten.  God damn, did that hurt.  Came downstairs to take a baby aspirin to help dull the pain.  Nothing.  Woke my wife up and asked her to take me to the Emergency Room at UW Hospital on the East side of Madison.  We get there around 1am and of course, I must stop at the front desk to answer their questions.  She knew I had massive upper chest pains and needed to see a Doctor ASAP, but they needed to know my insurance company.  Couldn’t that have waited?  It was an hour or two once they took me to an examination room, when an administration personnel asked me the same health insurance questions.  Which is funny as I sat in the room for 90 minutes between Doctor visits to help me with my pain.  Backwards system

Make sure you get the insurance information correct.  Then we will take care of the patient who needs immediate care!  In time, they gave me morphine for the pain that did nothing for me.  They performed an EKG to rule out heart issues, which turned out negative (Thank God).  Sent to have a CT Scan to rule out blood clots, which I had none.  Returned to my room when once again, I waited for my Doctor, any Doctor.  I do not recall how long it took.  Pain remained a ten.  They gave me a different pain killer that I do not recall.  The only thing that did was lower my oxygen level.  Nothing dangerous, but it required help to raise my levels, oxygen flowing through small tubes in the nose to raise my levels once the medicine wore off.  There I sat for 7-8 hours.  Still in pain.  Seeing a Pulmonologist was the next step.  That proved difficult as UW East does not have one.  But the Main Hospital does.  Big problem was they had no open beds.  Now what.  Finally, Meriter Hospital had open beds.  One quick ambulance ride to Meriter Hospital !!!

 Meriter has always been good to us.  Both of my kids were born there.  Time did not take long before I was unloaded from the ambulance and haul up to the ninth floor where my room would be (#993).  The staff of nurses were in my room immediately hooking me up to machines, insert an IV, etc.  It did not take long before a Doctor to arrive.  He was referring my case to a Pulmonologist as my lungs needed testing.  The plan was performing a Bronchoscopy.  Sent tubes down my throat to collect scar tissues left behind.  And they wanted to do the surgery that afternoon.  At the time, I was under no restrictions concerning food and drinks.  Since I have not had any food for 18-20 hours, I ordered lunch.  As soon as my food arrived, my Pulmonologist appeared.  He had my food taken away.  Not supposed to eat or drink anything before the procedure.  Great.  He explained that he was trying to arrange a time to perform the Bronchoscopy.  45 minutes later, he reappeared in my room and said they would not be able to do the procedure until the following morning at 11am.  He got a foot or two out of my room before I reordered lunch.  Finally, it arrives!  Only 22-1/2 hours without food!  And the food tasted wonderful.  To top it off, I ate a huge supper as I needed to stop eating and drinking by 9pm.  Wanted to be nice and full since I needed to fast.  Oh, my pain was still a ten.

 Wonderful Wednesday hits.  No food, no water.  My hurry up and wait attitude is in full gear.  11am couldn’t get here soon enough.  Around 10:45am, someone came into my room to wheel me downstairs.  I arrived in the operating room/procedure room/whatever-you-want-to-call-it room.  After swishing around lidocaine jelly for a couple of minutes (Gross), then four squirts from a dentist-like water sprayer, it was time to get the medicine injected in my IV to go asleep.  The Bronchoscopy consisted of small tubes, inserted into my lungs where the black matter was located.  Using salt water, they were able to collect samples of scar tissue for testing.  Scar tissue left behind by ongoing pneumonia (The Doctor’s words).  Once I was back in my room, I started coughing up the lidocaine jelly.  Must have been an hour and a half to two hours.  The continuous coughing gave me a pounding headache.  I did get Jello when the coughing stopped.  Jello never tasted better.  I was given the ok to start eating soft foods for supper.  So, I had three pancakes. 

 I was discharged around 10:30am Thursday morning.  I was instructed that the testing will take time.   Testing will be a “Process of Elimination.”  Not an encouraging statement.  I have an appointment with my Pulmonologist, scheduled for September 9th.  It’s the soonest I can get in.  Sucks as I don’t want to wait that long.  It is Saturday as I type the last paragraph.  My lower right rib cage was sore/tender last night and today.  I was told that would be expected for up to 72 hours.  Reason I was instructed to take it easy during that time, including no driving, staying out of the heat/sun, and overexerting my body.  A rough time with a lot to think about.  Inflammation in the lungs is common for those with Lupus.  Pleurisy as mentioned for causing the pain.  We need to find out why I have dark spots, scar tissue in my lungs first.  Hurry up and wait, again.    

Cool news for this week:  

1.) I will be interviewed for the following podcasts: First time guest on the “Chronically Fascinating Interviews by Hydrate Club Podcast” on Thursday.  And a second time guest on the “Cure Chronic Podcast” on Thursday as well.  

2.) I will have another interview for “The Lupus Living Podcast.” The first was an informal discussion  

3.) No release date for my interview with “The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness Podcast."  I can't wait for a sample to listen to it.

4.) I sent an email to “The Chronic Sisters Podcast” a couple of weeks ago, figuring I had nothing to lose but my time, and they are interested.  Emailed a copy of my book.  The podcast is hosted and recorded in Australia!!!  They drop ‘F’ bombs like Ruth from the Netflix show “Ozark” (Awesome show).  I must be creative, trying to find unique ways to market myself and my book. 

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