Dream big as dreams are free.

Dream big!  Dreams are free, they cost nothing!  A couple of quotes I’ve seen and heard from famous athletes/actors, etc.  It’s the truth.  As I write this, the Summer Olympics is taking place.  Athletes around the World, all with the same goal.  Finishing first, the coveted Gold Metal.  Regardless, if it is a team sport or individual, first place is the goal.  The same can be said throughout all sports.  No one aims to be average.  You want to be the best.  Prove to others that you have what it takes to succeed.  The power of inner strength.  Everyone dreams to be the best.  No excuses, give it 100%.  Have something to show for your hard work. 

Most people don’t reach their goals.  Like athletes, most never make it to the playoffs.  Play a sport for 15# years and never came close to the ultimate prize, a championship.  Unexplainable issues get in the way.  Injuries.  Poor teammates.  Possibly, you’re not giving it 100% due to a lack of focus.  Maybe you are listening to others, those who never chased their dreams.  The same people who want to bring you down back to Earth.  Telling you that you can’t.  Toxic people can destroy your dreams, attitude, the true person that you are (Inner Self). 

If you would have told me three years ago that I would have my book/manuscript published, I would have told you that you’re crazy.  First, it is a lot of work!  It is tough for me to stay focused.  I’m lucky if I can devote an hour without losing my train of thoughts.  Or I devote the time but have nothing to write.  My comprehension is off.  Second, I didn’t reach out to book publishers to see if they were interested in my book, a scenario that they were paying me!!  Doesn’t work that way for unknown author.  I had to pay them!!  The book publishers to create my book.  And with them, extra fees magically appear for special services.  Sorry, not happening.  Third, the headaches caused by the inner tug of war, asking yourself “Am I doing the right thing?” 

I am proud to see my book finished and in print.  It required a lot of effort.  But much like an athlete who wins the championship or the Olympic athlete that wins the gold medal, I have my prize.  A book that no one can’t take away from me.  Like my college degree.  I believed in myself.  I was surrounded by people who believed in me.  I succeeded.  And there is no better feeling in this World.  Dream big!

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